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Border Surveillance Solutions
homelandsec-1 homelandsec-2
监控塔 Integrated Fixed Towers (IFT) Mobile Video Surveillance System (MVSS)
Source: Photo: James Tourtellotte Source: Photo: Donna Burton
AMP Video Capture, Compression, Recording and Overlay are ideally suited to meet the harshest environments and
critical reliability for border surveillance solutions in the US, Middle East, Asia, and beyond.
AMP Border Surveillance Solutions
1. 实时H.264编码压缩 Ultra Low Latency H.264 Compression (CODECS)
HDAV2000 H264-HD2000 H264-ULL-PCI
PCI-104 PCI-104 --------PCI
H.264 HD & SD CODEC HD H.264 Encoder (2 x HD) --------HD H.264 Encoder (1 x HD)
(1 x HD and 4 x SD) SD H.264 Encoder (4 x SD)  
  SD H.264 Decoder (4 x SD)  
VCODEC-H264-D4 H264-ULL-cPCI microH264-D4
PC/104-Plus Compact PCI / PMC --------miniPCI
SD H.264 Encoder / Decoder cPCI HD H.264 Encoder (2 x HD) --------SD H.264 Codec (4 x SD)
(4 x SD) cPCI SD H.264 SD CODEC (8 x SD)  
  PMC HD H.264 Encoder (2 x HD)  
  PMC SD H.264 SD CODEC (8 x SD)  
2. 实时图像捕获,视频 /光标 /字符叠加 Capture & Overlay (Frame Grabbers)
AVC8000nano AVC8000X AVC4000
miniPCIe PCIe/104 --------PC/104-Plus
SD Frame Grabber (8 x SD) SD Frame Grabber (8 x SD) --------SD Frame Grabber (4 x SD)
3.嵌入式加固硬盘录像(DVR)平台Ruggedized Streaming DVR
Multi-channel Video Streamer / Server (12 x SD)  
Securing borders against the illegal transportation of drugs, weapons and dangerous individuals has been an
elusive goal for the US and many countries abroad. But today that goal is becoming a reality. Ultra high resolution
night vision sensors are deployed remotely in fixed towers and on mobile platforms. These all seeing sensors are
coupled with highly specialized analytics to detect undesired activity and remotely stream video over secure
communications links. The real-time video provides enhanced safety, reduced cost and more effectively helps to stop
border incursions.
Embedded video products from AMP play a key role in several widely deployed systems, providing persistent
surveillance to help secure borders and reduce risk to Border Patrol Agents.
As shown below, AMP video solutions assure all sensor data is captured at the highest quality and lowest latency for
real-time analytics, recoding and remote streaming.
Example Application Diagram using AMP solutions:
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